92 News UK

92 News UK

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92 News UK

92 News (also known as 92 News HD Plus Channel 92) is an Urdu language channel. It is Pakistan's first HD television news channel based in Lahore, launched in the year 2015.

On 1992 Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup so channel name based on this event. 92 is the country code of Pakistan and it counts as another major reason in this subject. Channel has reporters in more than 300 cities of Pakistan(self-proclaimed). Channel is owned by Galaxy Broadcasting

Introduction 92 News (92 News HD) or channel 92 is Pakistan's first HD news television channel, which broadcasts news in the Urdu language. The company is using Hologram Technology and state of the art technology with video library.

History 92 News HD channel was launched in the year 2015 in Lahore, Pakistan and was named as 92 news to represent the Pakistani cricket team's win in the ICC World cup 92. Muhammad Haider Amin is the Managing Director. Mian Muhammad Rasheed is the CEO of the channel and Mian Hanif is the current Chairman of the news channel. The channel has over 300 reporters across Pakistan. The news channel was launched in the UK in December 2017.

Accolades In 2016, News 92 HD launched its own annual awards. The channel has coverage in Pakistan, UK, and European nations.