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Get breaking Germany and world news or catch up with the latest stories, clips, and programs from your favorite shows. The “DW Amerika” brings you breaking news coverage and lives streaming from DW Amerika Live will help you stay up to date on the events shaping on around the world.

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 Oпубликованный November 2, 2015, и последний измененный 5 months ago.

Deutsche Welle (DW) is Germany’s international broadcaster and one of the most successful and relevant international media outlets. Our multimedia content in 30 languages reaches over 197 million people worldwide each week. By mid-2021 we want to increase our reach to 210 million.

Our Mission

As an unbiased, German media organization, we provide news and information to people worldwide, giving them the freedom to make up their own minds.

Our Vision

By 2025, DW will become an essential source of digital information that inspires its target group with regionally-relevant, on-demand content that encourages dialogue. DW Akademie will be the leading European institution for media development.

Our Programming

Our offerings convey Germany as a liberal democracy rooted in European culture, providing a forum for German (and other) points of view on important topics, with the aim of promoting understanding and the exchange of ideas among different cultures and peoples.

Our experts produce high-quality multimedia content distributed through television, radio, social media and the internet. Our portfolio conflates TV channels in English, Arabic, Spanish and German; and digital content in 30 languages. Our 24-hour English language TV channel is available almost everywhere in the world.

Working locally in our target regions and with regional partners ensures that our content caters to our audience’s interests and demands.

Freedom. Dialogue. Expertise.

Our aim is to foster a peaceful, stable global community. Therefore we focus on topics such as freedom and human rights, democracy, and good governance, free trade and social justice, health education, and environmental protection, technology, and innovation.

Our Audience

We reach out to young people, to opinion leaders, to those actively involved in public debate, and to everyone striving to understand what is happening in the world. Through our audience approach, we tell stories close to the hearts of our users, viewers and listeners and their everyday reality. We provide platforms for dialogue, we listen to their concerns, speak their languages and close information gaps.

Our German-language offerings are directed towards German speakers abroad and to those who teach or want to learn German.

Our Distribution

We rely on a global satellite network, on our roughly 5,000 partner stations, on the internet and increasingly, on mobile distribution. The DW app offers online content according to user preferences. Our radio broadcasts in ten languages continue to reach many people in Africa and parts of Asia.

Our DW Akademie

We believe that journalism, education, and culture improve people's lives and that reliable, unbiased information and universal access to knowledge are fundamental rights. Together with our partners around the world, we work to promote freedom of expression, human rights and the development of functioning media systems.

Our core focus areas are Media and Information Literacy (MIL), Media Viability, Media and Journalism Education and Innovation for Dialogue and Digital Rights. We pursue concrete approaches in these areas in order to strengthen the media. In this way, we contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

Our Organization

DW is a public broadcaster financed by federal tax resources. The DW headquarters in Bonn, the main studio in Berlin and the international bureau's host approximately 1,500 employees and nearly as many freelancers from more than 60 countries, working for a common goal and with a bold mission as the starting point of everything we do.  


DW operates sustainably, by using resources efficiently, reducing its environmental footprint and getting involved in social issues.

Our History

DW was founded in 1953 by the government to provide audiences abroad with comprehensive information about the Federal Republic of Germany. Initially, DW broadcast via shortwave and only in German. The first foreign languages were added in 1954. In 1992, DW expanded into television and, shortly thereafter, the Internet.

DW Akademie launched its international media development activities in 1965. Since then, it has steadily expanded its work promoting press freedom and freedom of expression.

The DW Act, issued in December 1997 and amended in 2001 and 2004, defines DW as a non-profit, public broadcasting institution for foreign broadcasting.

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